You’ve read the hype. Now here’s the real story...


What’s the truth about Rip-Off Report® Founder Ed Magedson?

Consider this quote which first appeared online in 2004:

“Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet … .”

The author of these words clearly has a strong negative opinion about Ed Magedson.  No question there.

But what about the facts? Are they true?  Is Ed Magedson really a “WANTED criminal”?  Is the Ripoff Report a “criminal enterprise” engaged in extortion?  What’s the REAL truth behind these allegations?

With so much written about Ed Magedson, the founder of the original consumer complaint website, it can be hard to separate the facts from the fiction.  Some people call him a hero, while others say he’s a criminal.  Obviously, someone is lying.  So what’s the real story?  Who is telling the truth?

We created this site to help answer that question.  Our goal is to help bring the truth to YOU, the educated consumer.  We know that some people will never agree with Ed Magedson and his mission to give a voice to the consumer.  We understand that.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as the saying goes, “you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

If you’re looking for facts about Ed Magedson, you’ve come to the right place.  On this site you will find information about Ed’s views, facts about his background, and details of his history as a tireless consumer advocate.  We will also confront and expose many of the popular myths about Ed and the Ripoff Report®.

Our goal is NOT to change your opinion about Ed or his work.  Instead, we’re here to give you the facts so you can decide for yourself who’s telling the truth and who is not.  We hope this helps to set the record straight and to present the real truth that Ed’s critics have worked so hard to conceal.

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This blog is about issues that are important to ME and that I want to share with my friends, colleagues and the public. If you want to comment on the issue at hand, please do. Please keep in mind that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to bring up specific reports. If you have a specific issue please email [email protected].

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  1. My name is Nikki Montgomery I have a complaint about a report filed against a rootworker by the name of Emily Halifax. Apparently she has had other clients she had scammed for money and not doing their work. This woman has posted a rebuttal to your site regarding the accusations accusing me of fabricating a article. i don’t know why she would assume i did that but i don’t appreciate my name being publicated under that report when you guys haven’t verified if i done such.I am asking that you respect me by removing my name from the report unless you have proof i did such

  2. Izabel says:

    Hi Ed
    This website ROR (under your control) but to make it easy for everybody why dont you asked them before any complaints of their IDs to be attached the name and phone numer . If accusation is true they should attach own ID, names, proofs and anything relating to accusations.
    How they can demage peoples name companies name reputation as anonymous?
    Let’s them work on both side and pay for they acton and reaction.
    If I don’t like my friend for example or I be hurt by man etc this gives me rights to destroy his name and reputation ?

    Why you don’t turn the website now, time for changes
    Ask every poster about the ID etc don’t let them enter without they real ID.
    They so confident to destroy people life’s
    coz they are coward and they never show they face but they ruin others life without any consequences . People in mask
    Do something it’s time for it ….and believe me you gain more respect mean something more valuable you cannot buy for any price



    Thank you very much for your comment, and the concept of asking for ID seems like a good idea at first. However, let me explain two things.

    First, Ripoff Report already does “verify” people by making users sign up for a new account with a valid email address (no one can post reports unless they provide a valid email address which they must confirm by clicking a validation link that we send). This level of validation is standard for our industry and it means that if there is any problem or concern over the accuracy of a report, we have at least some chance of being able to contact the author.

    Second, while asking people to “provide ID” may seem like a way of making reports more reliable, the truth is it really would do very little to help. Here’s why — people could still send us IDs that are either completely fake, or which are real but belong to someone else. Just Google “identification card” and you will see 100s of IDs available online that you can simply copy and download.

    Ripoff Report is not a government agency, so unfortunately we cannot verify IDs or take some other step to stop people from lying. In fact, consider this — even when people are dealing with government agencies like the court system, they STILL often lie and spread false information (even under oath). This is just an unfortunate reality of life.

    However, I strongly believe that most people are smart enough to understand that the reviews/reports they read online must be take with a grain of salt. Yes, it’s possible for people to post false information on Ripoff Report, but it’s just as easy for someone to post a false review on Yelp, Amazon, Trip Advisor, etc. I have been involved in this field for 20+ years, and I do not believe that a single bad review or negative online comment will “ruin someone’s life”. That is just not how life works. If your company has one really bad review (which happens to be fake) but it’s still a good company with tons of positive reviews, then you are going to be successful no matter what.


  3. Royal says:

    Mr. Ed Magedson I came across your website and found the same company who charged an unauthorized amount on my credit card. The consumer’s report was similar to what happen to me. I said what an awesome website where you can report a rip off or scam that happen to you so other consumers could beware of or alerted to the company’s rip off or scam tactics.

    Man you provide an invaluable and much needed outlet for consumers to report their frustration with being ripped off and victims of a scam. I thank God for you. Keep up the good work and may your website continue to grow and be a wonderful outlet for frustrated consumers. Let the buyer beware.


    Thank you very for the comment — so happy to hear helped you!


  4. Rich croft says:

    Maybe you should get the facts the information on Jack Croft is inaccurate

  5. Alan Boden says:

    Your rent said nothing about the accusation against you Dash that you charge thousands of dollars for the rebottle report from businesses that are accused of ripping off consumers. This seems disconcerting at the very least. It doesn’t seem like a level playing field for both businesses and consumers when there is this kind of charge level at a defending business….


    Sorry — it looks like maybe you dictated this on your phone? In any case, it seems you have received inaccurate information about how Ripoff Report works. We NEVER “charge thousands of dollars” if a company wants to respond to a complaint. This is called a “rebuttal” and it’s 100% free. We have never charged even one penny to allow anyone to post a rebuttal, but don’t take my word for it — just pick any report on our site and then try to post a rebuttal. If you do that, you can easily confirm that rebuttals are 100% free….always have been, always will be.

    — ED

    • Chris says:

      Ed you know as well as we do that posting a rebuttal raises the search ranking and places your rebuttal in a non prominent, easy to miss place in the page.

    • Allieson says:

      I think this is great. I got ripped off so bad from Zwerl, Heysphere and sphere Knowledge Limited.

    • Ruth Barron says:

      I can vouch for Ed and “rebuttals.” I posted a rebuttal just minutes ago against an on-line dating site. There was absolutely NO CHARGE for me to do this. THANK YOU, Ed and

      for a GREAT way to RESOLVE online and in person Consumer Fraud and Scams when someone has been Unsuccessful in doing so by themselves.

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