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What’s the truth about Rip-Off Report® Founder Ed Magedson?

Consider this quote which first appeared online in 2004:

“Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet … .”

The author of these words clearly has a strong negative opinion about Ed Magedson.  No question there.

But what about the facts? Are they true?  Is Ed Magedson really a “WANTED criminal”?  Is the Ripoff Report a “criminal enterprise” engaged in extortion?  What’s the REAL truth behind these allegations?

With so much written about Ed Magedson, the founder of the original consumer complaint website, it can be hard to separate the facts from the fiction.  Some people call him a hero, while others say he’s a criminal.  Obviously, someone is lying.  So what’s the real story?  Who is telling the truth?

We created this site to help answer that question.  Our goal is to help bring the truth to YOU, the educated consumer.  We know that some people will never agree with Ed Magedson and his mission to give a voice to the consumer.  We understand that.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as the saying goes, “you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

If you’re looking for facts about Ed Magedson, you’ve come to the right place.  On this site you will find information about Ed’s views, facts about his background, and details of his history as a tireless consumer advocate.  We will also confront and expose many of the popular myths about Ed and the Ripoff Report®.

Our goal is NOT to change your opinion about Ed or his work.  Instead, we’re here to give you the facts so you can decide for yourself who’s telling the truth and who is not.  We hope this helps to set the record straight and to present the real truth that Ed’s critics have worked so hard to conceal.

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  1. Todd says:

    Ed, you are a true American hero. Giving a voice to people that corporations would prefer to be silenced, and refusing to back down. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.

  2. Michael Wilhelm says:


  3. Monique R Coates says:

    Thank you for this site Ed. It has been my GO TO for the truthful reviews from many consumers about scam companies for years now. I appreciate the honesty!

  4. Dennis Muracco harmed me. That is why each bank and reporting agency took out one million each on each card and the three reporting agencies, one each.

    I don’t claim to understand why he did what he did. I have been trying to get criminal charges against him for a year/

    Chase bank filed a false report against HIPPA Law with my local police. ID”S by the two police. Did the same with Medicaid, did the same with Adult Protective Services, federal and state felonies plus add on’s.

    • Without the website, this is so twisted only 3 out of 253 people I have talked to saw the big picture instantly.

      The amount of information is enormous. The proof can not be refuted and I only use this site for alleged criminals.

  5. Denny says:

    Thank you for your website,

    Very good and I like it so much. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    I can expose the SCAMMER who scammed us in business.

    The scammer is from the UK :

    Name : SAMMY DALE
    IG name : mrsammydee
    Phone : +44 7790600600
    email : [email protected]

    He scammed us for total amount of USD 3514.50

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