Look at it this way – one of the strongest arguments that our “haters” love to make is that we won’t remove reports even when a court has determined that the report is false.

Because humans generally find it easier to believe simple explanations and simple arguments, this argument has really been widely accepted as showing that ROR’s business practices are “appalling” (to quote the Florida court ruling in Giordano).

But here’s what nobody ever stops to consider – the f-ing courts have determined that O.J. Simpson was not guilty of killing his wife. The courts also determined that Casey Anthony was not guilty of killing her child and throwing her body in a swamp so that she could go out partying. The F Courts also put people to death and let them sit on death row, this is after one or 2 jury trials, countless appeals and all kinds of witnesses’, .. to only find out later, that gee whizz, ooops!, .. they were not guilty after all!

What does this prove? Simple – courts are not GOD. Courts make mistakes, and courts don’t always reach the correct conclusion. (With criminal cases, the biggest problem is with prosecutorial misconduct, corruption and those that just want a conviction and don’t care how they get it.)

This is why when a criminal defendant is found not guilty, the media and newspapers are not required to remove every story about the case….they just explain how the case turned out.

Same thing with Ripoff Report. Someone posts a report that a court says is false. GREAT – we are always happy to post a copy of the court’s decision so that people reading the report will know how the case turned out. That’s the same rule applied by 100% of criminal courts in this country, and it’s the same rule applied by 100% of civil courts.

Just because someone makes an allegation against you which is later shown to be untrue DOES NOT mean that you get to prevent the entire world from knowing what happened.

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  1. William Everett says:

    What a self serving [profanity redacted] Ed Magedson is – nice try but you wrote all your self serving reviews! I have heard that Google is considering delisting all IOC the ROR reports in 2015!! Insider info so S-Hhhhh 😉 The devil gets his due!!

  2. Mike Smith says:

    That fact that ripoff report reviews each post for approval shows it is making it’s own determination of what they wish to post, not what the public wishes to post, this is censorship period.

  3. chris says:

    Ed M.
    Ill see you in hell
    Mother F–ker calling my house asking for $8000.00 to remove bad review? Ill enjoy your demise,ill shit on your rotting
    Carcus.People fu–ing hate you
    They have families to feed.

  4. The Sicilian says:

    Ed, Did you know about this website?! Is this true?! Look at all the sneaky, underhanded slimy things they do to block reports that are made to try to save other consumers from suffering the same ill-fate the reporting party has suffered.

    Sorry — we don’t allow advertisements for SEO companies here. — ED

  5. Ed Magedson says:

    We do not remove reports for a fee. You should read the full rules and information about the Arbitration program at A thorough reading would explain this and how the program really works. Thank you.

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