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What’s the truth about Rip-Off Report® Founder Ed Magedson?

Consider this quote which first appeared online in 2004:

“Ed Magedson of is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet … .”

The author of these words clearly has a strong negative opinion about Ed Magedson.  No question there.

But what about the facts? Are they true?  Is Ed Magedson really a “WANTED criminal”?  Is the Ripoff Report a “criminal enterprise” engaged in extortion?  What’s the REAL truth behind these allegations?

With so much written about Ed Magedson, the founder of the original consumer complaint website, it can be hard to separate the facts from the fiction.  Some people call him a hero, while others say he’s a criminal.  Obviously, someone is lying.  So what’s the real story?  Who is telling the truth?

We created this site to help answer that question.  Our goal is to help bring the truth to YOU, the educated consumer.  We know that some people will never agree with Ed Magedson and his mission to give a voice to the consumer.  We understand that.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but as the saying goes, “you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

If you’re looking for facts about Ed Magedson, you’ve come to the right place.  On this site you will find information about Ed’s views, facts about his background, and details of his history as a tireless consumer advocate.  We will also confront and expose many of the popular myths about Ed and the Ripoff Report®.

Our goal is NOT to change your opinion about Ed or his work.  Instead, we’re here to give you the facts so you can decide for yourself who’s telling the truth and who is not.  We hope this helps to set the record straight and to present the real truth that Ed’s critics have worked so hard to conceal.

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This blog is about issues that are important to ME and that I want to share with my friends, colleagues and the public. If you want to comment on the issue at hand, please do. Please keep in mind that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to bring up specific reports. If you have a specific issue please email [email protected].

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  1. Yes I’m his latest victim and he’s a complete scammer and we even got into a texting battle and I have proof of Ed’s retardation!

    This man needs to be shut down and Sue the shit out of by all the people’s reputations he screwed over by letting anyone make up anything they want on his own website and it goes straight to Google under any business your involved in or anything your email address is attached to and then at the bottom of his own website it offers the victims who have actual credibility which usually helps in a bunk report such as mine and it connects you with a separate worker from rip off his own personal hacker and the hacker then writes back saying I can help you out and i will charge you $3000- $5000 per report and it may take up to 5 months what a complete SCAM!!


    Let me see if I understand….these are your two main complaints about Ripoff Report:

    1.) Anyone can go to Ripoff Report and say whatever they want (which isn’t entirely true — our staff absolutely does block many types of illegal content such as child porn, threats of violence, etc….but let’s just assume you are correct — anyone can post anything); and
    2.) ROR does not independently verify content posted by users.

    You think this is unfair? Well, let me ask you this: how is ROR any different from the U.S. court system?

    Seriously, think about it — just like Ripoff Report, anyone can walk into court and make any claim they want.

    Does the judge personally investigate the claims to see if they are true BEFORE allowing the plaintiff to file? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Even though judges receive millions of dollars in taxpayer money, courts do nothing to investigate claims to weed out the false ones. Instead, courts accept all claims, true or false. As a result, innocent people are forced to hire lawyers and pay huge sums of money to debunk false allegations.

    Look — I’m not condoning anyone who posts false information on Our rules specifically prohibit false statements. If one of our users broke the rules and posted something untrue, you absolutely can and should take legal action against them.

    Just don’t blame me because of the actions of another person. That’s like blaming the judge because a crazy person made a false allegation against you in court.


  2. Do says:


    I think you are GREAT!!!
    This is a great legacy to transparency and truth.

    Do the search engine spiders pick up on the names ideas et al to take your reports to the web??

    Thank you for your efforts. The world is better because of you.


  3. Boyd Lynch says:

    Thanks for your site.

  4. Makeda Manasseh-Colston says:

    How do you remove complaints?

    We normally don’t remove complaints, but review this link for a more complete explanation of our policies:
    – ED

  5. Denise Good says:

    I’d like to thank Rip-off. Com for helping mei had a problem getting my money back from Assure Companies. After many phone calls, posting on your site, writing e-mails to the company, they are finally refunding my money. Thank you.

  6. Ted says:

    Hello from Ted in Chicago! Keep up the good work Ed! Finally there is an honest website to put the facts out there about shady businesses, and individual crooks. Thank you Ripoff Report!

  7. David Armstrong says:

    Thank you for your work. I’m grateful for the opportunity to let others know how poorly I was treated.

  8. Larry says:

    Thanks for inventing this page 👍
    And the use of The Freedom of Speech

  9. Emily Hummel says:

    Ed, I went to Jason B Diamond in 2007. I lost weight from 110 to 98 in about a week and a half. I was 48 and saw him on TV on E. He was assisting other popular cosmetic surgeons. He spent about 10 minutes in my preliminary consultation that what I was requesting was a piece of cake and it was a little more involved and he had done the same thing to prior patients all over the world and given one sheet of paper, period. No pros and cons etc. The night before surgery, after taking 28,000 from me that I obtained from a credit card at a low interest rate via a cash advance and sent them a certified check, he comes in and voices a different tune that made me feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. I asked if I could think about it after flying there from Northern California. He said sure and left me in a room with fluorescent lighting that clearly showed the areas I was not happy with for an hour. I asked if I could receive the money I gave them, very unhappy with his bait and switch last minute reservation of what he could really do for me. I was told by the woman who was in charge of payments that I could only receive half my amount back. He said he would take his time with me and do a great job. I went along with it due to his reassurance and the money I would be out. I went to him after seeing him on tv and he said he performs everything internally in the ear instead of outside the ear where a scar would be visible. He filled my face with fat according to the after care. I vomited three times before I was given anything. I couldn’t see as I assume I had ointment so that night I was afraid for my eyesight. He finally came down and checked me out. He wanted my cell phone and I would not give it up. What is worse trying to get my husband down there while laying down or ivomiting three times. I went down there repeatedly by plane. I had to spend the money for a hotel and he always used some type of bs excuses as he was trying to buy time for any type of arbitration to be null and void. Towards the end he saw me, then sent me to a colleague dentist in which I had to pay a taxi fee only for his colleague to tell me I had TMJ. I don’t have TMJ and what originally was going to be about five areas of stitching and not noticeable, he finally admitted he had put 100 stitches internally for the cheek lift after all. He also said he was a member of the American Board of Plastic surgery which requires more schooling and operations but in reality is an ENT and a member of the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery which members are considerably less that the aforementione organization.. He cares about money, lies, advertises he played baseball in college, a narcissist who has had me in pain with swollen muscles and tightness in all areas he worked on. My physician was finally notified by myself and my husband and I have to take muscle relaxants etc because of him otherwise I am in horrendous discomfort. He was on E I heard from a friend trying to sell his ear reduction technique. I would tell anyone to stay clear of him . He is likeable and will sell your company, others and myself a believable story of his honesty and integrity on his expertise etc .
    It is all bs and I still suffer and wake up in the morning with tight muscles and nerve pain I assume and I am left to take my medication but need to take a warm shower beforehand to help relax my muscles etc in all areas he performed surgery in and the second opinions was that he was way too invasive and wish I could go back in time and just not have ever seen him on E. When I asked for my report. His post operative report signed by him only covered him in all areas. I just don’t want others to go through the nightmare I have been going through for 11 years. HE IS A JOKE WHO CARES ABOUT THE MONEY MORE THAN THE LIVES OF WHAT HIS PATIENTS WILL ENDURE AFTER THE FACT. Thank you for your time in reading this and everything I have told you is the truth and not defamation of character as I have prescriptions I take to live somewhat comfortable for 28,000 as they allow Ear Nose Throat Specislists who belong to the Plastic and Reconstructive organization to perform cosmetic surgery from the neck up and lied to me about belonging to the American Board of Plastic Surgery, totally different.

  10. Tina d Wade says:

    Surplus Diabetic Supplies, LLC aka they ripped me off big time..i sent my stuff in but they refuse to pay me .could u help please?

  11. Rich croft says:

    Maybe you should get the facts the information on Jack Croft is inaccurate

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