The time has finally come for people who have been taken advantage of to receive the voice and attention that is appropriate, rather than to be lost in the sea of powerless people who have no chance of receiving justice.

Who is Ed?

Who is Ed?

Ed Magedson (pronounced Maj-ed-sen) is the founder and “ED”itor-in-Chief of the Ripoff Report web site located at which he began in 1997.  Over the past decade, Ed has been called everything from “consumer hero” to “internet terrorist”.  However, Ed’s story began long before there was such a thing as the Internet.

A native New Yorker, Ed was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, New York.  His family lived across the street from a carnation farm and when he was 10 years old, Ed occasionally worked around the farm.  This prepared him for his first business venture, a nationwide flower business called The Flower Children.

When ED was 14, he wanted to be a veterinarian.  He bought several horses over time and competed in many horse shows with many trophies.  He worked nights in a Long Island bakery and spent his days helping a veterinarian at the Roosevelt Raceway.  He was fired after turning in trainers for pumping injured horses with drugs so they could race.

ED also had a natural ear for music.  He taught piano and, at the age of 15, he became the organ player in several popular rock bands.  The other band members were in their 20’s and 30’s, and although Ed himself wasn’t old enough to drink, they often played in bars and nightclubs around Long Island and the New York City area.

Ed’s first step in the direction of being an entrepreneur came when he had the idea of selling flowers on street corners.  Ed eventually developed that idea into a business at the age of 18.  By the mid-1970s, he was founder and president of his first business.  Eventually, that business grew into a nationwide firm called The Flower Children.  The business hired young hippies and senior citizens to sell small bunches of fresh-cut carnations, daises, roses and pom-poms on street corners across America under red and yellow umbrellas.  At its peak, the business operated in 25 different states and at the age of 21 Ed (known as “Eddie” back then) was called “The Flower Child Entrepreneur” by the local media in Florida.

Click here to read a 1973 Tampa Tribune article about Ed’s flower business


From the very beginning, the flower business flourished. But the business also met with serious adversity, which started Ed in the direction of his current passion for consumer advocacy.  In many cities, the local floral shops instigated authorities to harass Ed’s flower vendors. The big flower companies were using their power and connection to put the little guy out of business.

Click here to read about Ed’s battle with zoning inspectors

Ed always fought the cities and never lost.  This planted the fateful seed that led Ed in the direction of exposing corruption and bad business practices. Ed later convinced several grocery store chains to let him put his flowers into their stores. These grocery store chains said, “Flowers will never sell in grocery stores”.

Ed’s next business venture also helped to prepare him for the launch of Ripoff Report.  In the 90’s Ed was working on developing housing in upstate New York, Tupper Lake and Saranac Lake.  He purchased real estate and apartment complexes.  Ed was contacted by government agencies in Albany, New York and asked if he would create additional housing for the underprivileged, disabled and other victims of housing discrimation.  Ed immediately agreed, but he was considered by some to be an outsider in the small rural town.  Eventually, Ed became the target of discrimination, anti-Semitism and harassment from the same people he thought could be trusted – local agencies and law enforcement.  Once again, this experience drew Ed further down the path of a life spent fighting and exposing corruption.

Coming Soon – Read newspaper articles on Ed’s experiences in upstate New York

The final chapter in the story leading to the creation of Ripoff Report was a run-in Ed had with city officials in Arizona. In 1990, Ed moved to Arizona to take care of his parents so they would never have to experience assisted living facilities.   At that time, there were many large vacant buildings in Arizona and many small businesses trying to make ends meet.  Seeing this as an opportunity, Ed came up with a new way to put them back in business — operating indoor swap meets.  The business venture was a big success, but once again, Ed encountered bad business practices and political corruption.  Frustrated with the lack of an effective way to fight back, he created his first website where he described his experience in Mesa.

At the same time he was experiencing political corruption in Mesa, Arizona, Ed was also outraged at the treatment of the hard workers from Mexico and South America that came to the US in desperation to help their families.  Ed has always been a firm believer in securing the border while allowing people to come here legally for work.  At the same time, he also feels those who are here working to support their families are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.  He was shocked to learn that many immigrant workers are never paid for their labor.  Even worse, some have been treated as modern-day slaves, even being threatened with deportation if they complain about not being paid.  Ed began raising awarenesss and calling for a stop to these practices back in 1997.  You can read more about Ed’s efforts to stop the abuse of immigrant workers here and you can click here to see the educational flyer that Ed has distributed to immigrants for more than ten years.

Ed’s numerous business ventures and his fights with City Hall eventually led him to create the Ripoff Report.  As Ed Magedson explained in his book, Rip-off Revenge, he wants to give others the power to fight back by giving them the tools needed to do battle with business bullies.  For more information about Ed’s book, visit:

One little-known fact about Ripoff Report is that it was started as a mission, not a business.  Ed never expected to earn a living from the Ripoff Report.  Instead, he put his own hard-earned money and time into the website with the sole intention of giving a voice to consumers who had previously been powerless.  He had no revenue plan or any idea how or whether the site would ever generate any money.  The website was set up as a free service and it was created long before Ed had any understanding of how to monetize a website.  In the early days, it was funded entirely by Ed’s personal savings.  It was not until several years later when the lawsuits started that Ed needed to create programs to earn revenue or face losing the Ripoff Report website.  Now, 13 years later, the Ripoff Report has grown into one of the most popular consumer complaint resources on the Internet.

Today, Ed Magedson is living and working somewhere in Arizona.  (If you received constant harassment and death threats, you’d be quiet about where you lived, too.)  In addition to constantly fighting to protect free speech and the First Amendment, Ed devotes his life to his beloved pets and to raising money for no-kill animal shelters.

Over the past 30 years, Ed has traded his music, his freedom and his privacy for a computer.  He is well aware of the many lessons he’s learned in his life so far-lessons that are relevant every single day; lessons that led him to commit his life to changing the way that businesses deal with their customers.

At Ripoff, hundreds of consumer complaints are reported every day. Consumers come to Ripoff Report to warn other people about deceptive business practices.  Ed and Ripoff Report are true pioneers who have literally changed the way that business is done and created an entire new industry.  Thanks to Ed Magedson’s tireless work, day in and day out, consumers today have a new and powerful voice and have saved millions of dollars.  Ed also assists every government agency to help prosecute those ripping off consumers.  No matter what his critics say or do in their efforts to silence him, Ed will never stop fighting to protect the rights of little guy.

Thank you, Ed Magedson!

Ed Magedson

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This blog is about issues that are important to ME and that I want to share with my friends, colleagues and the public. If you want to comment on the issue at hand, please do. Please keep in mind that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to bring up specific reports. If you have a specific issue please email [email protected].

39 Responses to Who is Ed?

  1. Thomas Shue says:

    Somone used your website to post a goal lie that never happened. They for some reason posted a fictional story bout me using a Google search to find old addresses and phone numbers where I lived a deacde ago. Fact is they used this website to defame me and case harm to me for an unknown reason . Please tell me how these lies can be taken down. ASAP

  2. Carol Ann Miles-Hughes says:

    Ed, thank you and your staff for starting and keeping this site available to all of us underdogs. KEEP smiling and keep the faith!!

  3. Richard Waters says:

    Ed This is Richard Waters The images used in these ripoff reports are copy written. The person who wrote these reports is a cyber criminal who is a sociopath and has been doing this to people all over the country. He’s not a US citizen he’s been ripping people off and we just happen to catch him so he decided to defame us. I am getting in touch with my attorney but I would like my copy written pictures to be taken down from the site. Stephen Schuerman at some point will get caught by the police. But what he has been doing is do wrong. You can look me up on YouTube. I am a professional musician and I raise venture capital.

    Sorry, but this isn’t the correct place to submit a copyright complaint. Instead, please visit our Terms of Service page and locate section #15 for instructions on how to deal with copyright issues:
    – ED

  4. Dorothy Fortune says:

    Mr Magedson, why doesn’t the better business bureau knows about the Vivint alarm system company harassing the community as a whole and taken money from the elderly question ?
    601-982-7031…plse call

  5. Susan Geleng says:

    Ed, I know you have reported that Stores Online was ripping people off. It has even been on the News. Since I joined Stores Online, it was my very first online business back in 2008.

    My question is how do I get these Scam Artist off my Credit History it has been hurting my C/H. I gave them $500.00 to start it.
    I realized it was a Scam. I called up to cancel it they said it was cancelled.
    I never gave it another thought until I was trying to purchase a vehicle like 3 years later only to be denied. This was still on my Credit. I live on Social Security I Don’t have money for an attorney. I don’t know what to do I am literally at my wit’s ends. In Dec. It will be n 9 yrs.

  6. Rochelle M Brooks says:

    Thank you Mr. Magedson!

    Hello, I am a mother whose has my kids taken 3 times & After I was acquitted & now they are gone and I am not allowed to see my kids. Please help me. Here is my story:

    My kids were kidnapped in retaliation after the court got the bad news it was going to be investigated in appellate court on 1/8/18. The corrupt judge Hanuszczak unlawfully conspired & sent corrupt police that came with no warrant, court order to my home at on 07-25-2017 at 8:30pm, who officer Christou badge number 136; climbed through my window, took my kids and gave them to School official Monique Wright- Williams and arrested me for 24 hours for charges of allegedlly violating a court order and to this day the family or criminal court can’t produce the warrants or orders. I videotaped the encounter with the police & school official Monique Wright Williams & on 8/19/2017 the superintendent & his attorney sent me a threatening letter to remove the video but the video shows the school district official Monique Wright Williams at my home and I am an eye witness of her and on 07-26-2017 she identified herself to me at the county building and I asked her name and where my kids were and she told me her name and that my kids were with cps.  I filed a complaint on this Monique wright-williams on 6-21-2017 because she was ignoring my complaints against the school my oldest daughter attends and had attended and our meeting did not go well and she went to my child’s school, took her from lunch and spoke badly of me and questioned my child unlawfully with the school counselor Kristen Mooney & later that evening a deputy was at my home trying to pretend he had a warrant and once I asked to see the warrant he sucked his teeth so I videotaped and reported this deputy Roser to Deputy Elizabeth and Internal affairs and the police but they refusef to act. 

    On 7-26-2017 My own pretrial and current attorneys have both participated in this corruption and The DA’s, the criminal & family court offices have failed in keeping their oath and all have decided to discriminate, breach their oath of office & war against the U.S. constitution arrival 6 of the supremacy clause & abuse my kids, family & I in such a evil manner. The assigned D.A. I have that is supposed to be assisting me refuses to return my calls or respond at all & his name is Jeremy Cali & I met with Melaine Carden  & Marshal Henry Brown & they both refused to help me but wanted me to give them my evidence but refused to take it by fax. Meanwhile, my daughters and I can’t see or speak to eachother. 

    The district attorney Lisa Blitman has been to my home harassing me she came to my home on 08/13/2017, 08/16/2017, 08/17/2017 & 08/18/2017 & I call the cops and the delay the call and my latest call on 08/16/2017 the police came with the same officer who unlawfully arrested me and several other cops. I am in fear for my safety. These public servants are William to defame, injure or kill an innocen mother to conceal their long history of corruption. I have done no crime. This court, county, city, state & federal government & their agents are committing acts of terrorism, violating our civil, human, children’s, parental, disability & God-given RIGHTS. 


    1.)below is link to video of my kids theft of            7-25-17:

    2.)below is link of part two of my kids theft 
         On 7-25-2017:

    3.)below is link showing Lisa Blitman.                    harassing me at home:

    4.)below is link of more Lisa Blitman.                      harassing me at home:

    5.) Below is link showing deputy Roser at my.         home harassing me with false court.                 documents on 6-21-2017:

    6.)below is the link of me rapping on this 
         Injustice & hate crime that has my heart
         Heavy, tears flowing & mind going…

  7. My name is Jessica Tucker. I met a man online, I never met him in person. We exchanged emails and that was it. I found out he had mental disabilities and issues and I had to get a restraining order against a man I never physically met in person. This individual then went on your website and wrote slander that is completely not true. I am a professional and I am a retired disabled veteran. I do not appreciate the slander about me on your website and I would like to have it removed. I have evidence that what this man has wrote is not true. I understand individuals can put whatever they want on the Internet and there is a possibility that it cannot be taken down. I do understand that but the fact that none of this is true and it could potentially hurt my reputation and my business. If you could please get back to me and let me know what steps I need to take or if I need to actually get assistance from a lawyer

    Jessica — I’m very sorry to hear about your story. My best advice is to review our FAQ page here:
    – ED

  8. Patrick says:

    Take my company’s name off. You asshole In bayshore long island

  9. Ken Kaufman says:

    Hi ed, my name is Ken. My buisness is laser plus in bellmore ny,

    One of my competitors wrote these horrible things about my staff. It’s so obvious that its a competitor.

    Infact he is the one that told me to email you, as i threatened him with a lawsuit. He said even if he did it can’t remove it and I should email you.

    This guys name is Patrick from perfect body. He used your site to write bogus reviews to Several med spa, near his location.

    I know your motto is “you never take a review down”. As you can see its clearly him. Please be so kind and remove them.

    I would really appreciate it

    Thank You,

    Ken – As much as we’d like to, ROR can’t take sides in disputes like this. If you have been harmed by a false post from a competitor, you should be angry (I would be). Unfortunately, I can’t give you advice on how to resolve this with your competitor; you need to talk to a lawyer about your options. But one small word of advice — if you decide to hire a lawyer, make sure the person you hire has substantial experience in the area of Internet Law. This stuff is highly specialized, and just because a lawyer is great at bankruptcy or DUI cases doesn’t mean he/she is qualified to handle this type of case. Good luck!

    – ED

  10. Cynthia Lawhon says:

    Thank goodness Ed did this. May only save one person or one animal from going through a horrific ordeal , but a sincere outcry is worth that ONE.

  11. Sharon Hines says:

    Ed, not knowing you were into animal rescue prior to me contacting you concerning my issue, has made my confidence increase in asking YOU for advice. The issue is I received a ticket and was fingerprinted for ANIMAL ABUSE. Of all people me. I have been rescuing dogs and cats in this lawless area for 20 years. I’m known as THE DOG WOMAN. Spent $k’s on food, health, flea meds. Fencing my large yard.
    Etc. I now have 3 dogs, 5 cats on 3 acres. Here is the gig. 1.) I have a Lexus with leather seats. 2.) Air conditioner registered 65 degrees on dash moniter. 3.) 45 min travel made seats cool at 65 degrees. 4) 3 dogs had 2 large Styrofoam cups with ice water and a cooler with ice water in the suv. 4.) Ran into walmart for 9 min. When i returned to my car a cop gave me a ticket. It was 86 degrees, high humidity like a oven outside that day. I debated if i should leave windows up cuz it was so hot outside and so cold inside my car. I knew i was only going to be a few minutes in WM. I DEBATED WHAT TO DO. I left windows up. The cop would not look at the ice water and my dash moniter said 77 degrees. He would not even look at me much less see the dogs were fine, 3 ice waters, read the dash moniter temp or verify i was gone 9 min. I have the Walmart video to prove 9 min. HELP ME PLEASE. How do i win this case? I have had these dogs 7 yrs. I love them. I will get a fellon charge if found guilty. The judge is ALWAYS for the cop. What can i say in court to win? Thank you, Sharon Hines [email protected]. I go to court 11/9.

  12. Kathleen Little says:

    Great article! Keep it up, Ed!!!

  13. Hi there,
    I am the PARTIAL owner of Expressions dance academy, there was a FALSE review posted of us recently. It was on google and here, this review was posted by a competitor studio that is jealous. You can also tell it was false because of the Fact they do not know the whole owner. I am kindly asking you to take it down because google took it down because we reported it and it did not adhere to googles review policy. We have a law suit going against this woman and that is what google has suggested to do. If you decide not to take it down then we will have to include you in this too. Thank you

  14. Lina says:

    I would like you to remove

    From your website as this man’s story is untrue and full of lies. He was trying to damage my reputation and the company I worked for. It is very upsetting that this was left on your platform without actually investigating the matter. This man was a client who never paid his rent and was vety abusive and we had to call the police twice and obtain an order so he won’t abuse three women!

    Can you please remove this case as soon as possible otherwise we leave us with no choice but to seek legal action.



  15. Thank you !! I always check the rip off before I use any business thank you for protecting us

  16. Carol lemelin says:

    Your site popped up after pulling colonial penn to inquire about life insurance.
    It really is difficult to know where the scammers are. I will be very careful after reading the nightmare stories on your site. I wish I could contribute but I’m disabled an can’t make ends meet as it is. Keep it up.

  17. Adam Silverstein says:

    Hi Ed
    I am a Brooklyn boy too… parents as well. Ed i am dealong w a disgruntled vendor who is threatening to post on ur site. So how does a business owner that has had something posted deal with it? he is nuts and we dont want any problems… and we did nothing to deserve this. Necer had a complaint like this in 10 years

  18. Rhandee Brandt says:

    Hi Ed and Ripoff Report Staff,
    Thank you for your efforts to protect consumers. Unfortunately, my husband was unfairly named in a nasty report filed approximately 18 mos.ago. The report was filed by an individual who had been a previous client of my husband’s previous employer, he had been communicating with an unauthorised former employee, the two got into a dispute and the client thus filed a report that wrongfully included my husband with accusations of misconduct and bad business practices. Per the advice of our legal counsel my husband has asked the author of the report to remove the report immediately and a response by end of business Monday, January 22, 2018. The request to remove the report and his name will be a fair and swift remedy, as he now owns his own business, his name and reputation are very important, his commitment to consumers is to provide excellent service and adherence to ethical business practices.

  19. Frances Bradley says:

    You are an amazing person Ed Magedson!!! THANK YOU and compassion and caring and action

  20. T says:

    Hi! I obviously just came across your interesting Rip-Off Report website. Intriguing! I noticed you sold flowers in Tampa several yrs ago.. I use to reside there/ family still lives there!

    Would you happen to have a rip-off report for ‘telecommuting jobs’ or ‘mommy part- time jobs’ – (my 5yr old in private schooling) etc.. Im a college grad/ had my own business for several yrs but things changed after having a child. I’ve also attempted to research Pinterest ‘at- home work’ but not sure if legit.

    Lastly, are you hiring for your company? Thanks!


  21. Roy McDonald says:

    Hey Ed,

    I wonder if you can help me. Would you pass my info in to th person who wrote case : #1426757. I am the owner of BriteShot, a lughting company for TV and Film. We just had a run in with The person mentioned in this complaint . I would love to speak with the author. We almost got taken too. Thanks. Roy 201-400-9837

  22. Diah hamed says:

    Hi. I would like my name cleared from reports made against me. If read them the authors are non existent people that are competitors that make up stories. Please look into it. Thank you

  23. Michael Miroyan says:

    I commend him on his guts.

  24. Monie says:

    Thank you so much for providing this platform.
    I almost provided my information on when I checked your website and found out that it was just a scam..

  25. Sharon says:

    Dear Ed,
    I want to thank you for helping the consumer.
    Your work has given us a voice.
    Your story of your life is heart warming.
    Thank you for being you!
    Sharon Slickis

  26. I am the owner of the lodge auction house in Buffalo New York! My case was settled with your dispute listed within six months. The gentleman lost with the New York State auctioneers association the national auction association and with the Better Business Bureau please remove this listing for you are liable! Slander

  27. Derrick cannon says:

    I didnt break any traffic laws and was even sitting at a stop sign traveling home one night when Independence mo. Police officer , officer hand, hit his red and blues to pull me over. He hadn’t even been behind me and lied and said I was eluding…how, when he wasn’t behind me following me and I had stopped at a stop sign??? He illegally search my truck, planted drugs ( on dash cam) illegally towed my truck. Falsely arrested me . I’ve filed complaints with internal affairs and requested the dash cam video and I was.told there isn’t any video ( foul play) . I’ve filed in other state offices and being.done. I’ve filed a complaint with the federal government and again, nothing. So where do I turn to get this out in the publics eye and where do I go to get it resolved and officer hand, internal affairs and the.independence police department exposed for the crooked cops they really are… It’s like the only choice left is to go illiminate the problem myself…. And I ain’t trying to make myself look like they want look… Hell no, they aren’t going to drive me to commit a worse crime than they have
    ….I need serious help. I am go full blown public.. can you help …

  28. Nitascha says:

    It would be really nice for someone to fight for the people walking around selling some satellite for Direct TV and AT&T. They don’t tell you , you are getting yourself into a 2 year contract. Nor do they tell you they run your credit so you can get the internet part from AT&T. Yet they are submerged companies. How does this make any sense. Please someone put a stop to this. They are out ripping people off. Lieing to people and then stuck in a contract you obviously can’t get out of. HELP PLEASE!

  29. Report # 1335100
    I have been trying to figure out how it is you can allow some stranger, who doesnt even list their name or provide valid information to post slandering information to your website. I have never worked for anyone listed AAA, nor have I installed windows for a client. I am an architectural designer who works with high profile client and this random person is allowed to attack me and my company without any grounds of doing so, and you’re allowing it. How is this possible?

  30. Michael Bonner says:

    I was wondering if the person who filed the report on ever received their money. I am in the same situation.

  31. Garson Silvers says:

    Please look into this viscous personal attack on your website. I am a single father who was widowed after my wife committed suiside after we lost our business to hurricane Ike she was suffering from post pardon depression. I 40 years of real estate brokerage I have zero complaints and zero law suits. I have never taken money from anyone and am involved and published author focused on the sustainable movement writing about micro cities.

    Please you can verify what I have written above to be true and correct. My only fault is being a loyal friend to Naved.



  32. Adam Steele says:


  33. Barbara Lee says:

    Americare Health and Nutrition isn’t a scam. I have worked for this company. I haven’t seen any of our products returned. I sell HGH Therapy Spray. It has 191 trace amino acids. It works. Nourishes every cell gland and organ with pure protein.
    These people making negative remarks have nothing better to do.

  34. C.D. says:

    God bless you Mr. Magedson. I posted a report on ripoff report. I just wanted to let you know that I do appreciate you creating ripoff report. I really do believe that you care about people being taken advantage of. And I know that you have been a victim of a lot of unnecessary treatment , but please don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Dumbbells like me need someone like you to look after us. Once again, God bless you Mr. M and your family too.

  35. Jan Van Note says:

    Dear Ed- I just wanted to say thank you for publishing these reports. You just saved me a lot of time and money and “broken dreams”. Jan

    Happy to help. -ED

  36. Palmerjamesmaddoxjr says:

    From what i understand from reading up on rip off reports theres a lotta money bn gave away to x government agents etc. Who filed reports sued and were distrought. Being sued back. Forced to pay money back. I dont know any of all this as a fact. But i am a us citizen. Born in losangelea ca. Knew pilcher hughes bill morgan. Me my wife susanna marie maddox signed electronically in 1981 . .so her name popped up in supreme court united states via saint george utah.

  37. Michele Allo says:

    Dear Ed,

    Something has been posted about Best Buy Waterproofing and the person it’s about is saying that I did this. can you please remove this posting ad he is planning legal action against me.

  38. Sannjay says:

    Thank you Ed for providing this forum to seek justice from unethical business practices.


  39. Omar says:

    This website is an absolute GODSEND.

    Biggest thanks to Ed and to all those who contribute to this site. I only wish that I had looked at Rip-Off Report more when job hunting. I was already hired at this horrible job when I decided to scrub for more information on this particular company and found outstanding accounts from Rip-Off Report from it! I just quit and put my report in. They can hide NO LONGER!

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