Look at it this way – one of the strongest arguments that our “haters” love to make is that we won’t remove reports even when a court has determined that the report is false.

Because humans generally find it easier to believe simple explanations and simple arguments, this argument has really been widely accepted as showing that ROR’s business practices are “appalling” (to quote the Florida court ruling in Giordano).

But here’s what nobody ever stops to consider – the f-ing courts have determined that O.J. Simpson was not guilty of killing his wife. The courts also determined that Casey Anthony was not guilty of killing her child and throwing her body in a swamp so that she could go out partying. The F Courts also put people to death and let them sit on death row, this is after one or 2 jury trials, countless appeals and all kinds of witnesses’, .. to only find out later, that gee whizz, ooops!, .. they were not guilty after all!

What does this prove? Simple – courts are not GOD. Courts make mistakes, and courts don’t always reach the correct conclusion. (With criminal cases, the biggest problem is with prosecutorial misconduct, corruption and those that just want a conviction and don’t care how they get it.)

This is why when a criminal defendant is found not guilty, the media and newspapers are not required to remove every story about the case….they just explain how the case turned out.

Same thing with Ripoff Report. Someone posts a report that a court says is false. GREAT – we are always happy to post a copy of the court’s decision so that people reading the report will know how the case turned out. That’s the same rule applied by 100% of criminal courts in this country, and it’s the same rule applied by 100% of civil courts.

Just because someone makes an allegation against you which is later shown to be untrue DOES NOT mean that you get to prevent the entire world from knowing what happened.

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This blog is about issues that are important to ME and that I want to share with my friends, colleagues and the public. If you want to comment on the issue at hand, please do. Please keep in mind that THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to bring up specific reports. If you have a specific issue please email [email protected].


  1. Janet McEnany says:

    Americans would be appalled if they knew just how broken our justice system is. I have a son in a PA state correctional institution for a murder he did not commit. He is NOT technically “not guilty” He is innocent. No matter what I do I caanot find anyone to take his case pro bono. Just reading the police reports have convinced just about everyone who has read them that he was rail roaded. We moved to PA from out of State, so there for he must be guilty because no home grown boy would stomp his grandmother to death. Even though it is a proven fact in such a violent crime over 90% it is a family member. The family was not only not even questioned they were brought into the crime scene (which was never sealed) to “help” solve the crime. If this sounds like something out of deliverance you would be right. It is now almost 20 years and even though a member of the PA Superior Court said Tim deserveda third trial he was not going to be the one to give it to him. If you think it can’t happen to you,,, think again. Prosecutorial misconduct is rampant and there are thousands of innocents in jails all across the country. Most people think the appeal process is about finding the truth… do you want the truth.. you can be as innocent as the day is long if there was not a constitutional error in your trial(s) you will not be freed. That should scare the hell out of you! Our only hope is finding new evidence OR by some miracle finding the evidence the prosecution hid from the defense that was exculpatory. We know it is there.. but we are prevented from looking for it. So don’t sleep securely at night thinking your rights are being protected… they aren’t. Just as an added point IN PA the sentence for first and second degree murder are the same… life with NO parole,,, pretty amazing. I understand that first degree can also carry the death sentence. but maybe one of you can explain the difference to me of a death sentence with lethal injection and now the person is free.. while the life sentence with no parole is not just a slow death sentence. No one has given me a good answer for that yet.
    SO thank God for people like ED who think Constitutional Rights are important… although the courts keep changing the spirit in which it was written.. it is a frightening place this America we live in. I never in my life thought I would ever feel that way.

  2. veronica says:

    keep up the good work.its about time there is somebody out there looking to help people and stand behind and help them speak up …. and never back down ….

  3. Linda says:

    This morning was the first time I have ever heard of RipOff Report. I engine searched a business opportunity and found that the ‘opportunity’ only included the owner! I was appalled and happy at the same time. I became interested in this site and read about the dedicated founder… I learned that we were both from Long Island and both dedicated to the humanitarian mission. For as long as I can remember, I have been an advocate for the wrongly served. I fell in awe of this site (and Ed); and smiled as I related to one of Ed’s ‘last straws’. Ed had been so disgruntled by an owner of a dry cleaner’s business policy. It brought back a very recent experience of mine with a tailor in such a dry cleaner. The work he produced was atrocious! I was not going to walk out without my refund. I stood my ground and pointed out all the possibilities that could result by this type of business philosophy. I got my refund and satisfaction for a representation (of myself) well-done!! I have experienced such successful advocating many, many times and can only imagine (with thousands of same successes) how Ed Magedson feels! God has sanctioned his mission!! I plan on volunteering and look forward to a relationship with this organization.
    Linda F.
    Community Mental Health RN

    • wendy enright says:

      i just have to say thank you to Ed Magedson!! My hat goes off to you Ed for being such a great advocate for the consumer and allowing this site to be here for all of us who have been scammed and ripped off by people who are greedy criminals. I also am an advocate and will work hard for the cause. Thank you again, Ed. Many Blessings!!

  4. says:

    I have to say Ed, thank you. You are the only site that allows you to stand up for yourself. I have been severely ripped off, and someone committed major fraud against me. He also sued me in court AND WON, with FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS. if that wasn’t enough.. HE FALSIFIED TAX DOCUMENTS, AND HAD ME CHARGED WITH FRAUD. although I am getting my life almost back, and things are turning around, it has destroyed my life and the lives of my children. He continuously made false reports to child protection agency to attempt to get my children taken away. It is bad enough I receive $64 a month for child support, but on top of that.. I have to pay for all of the depositions of this man so I can prove my innocence. He has already admitted he paid me not even a penny and yet they are STILL CHARGING ME. I go to trial on December 14, 2012. I have done every single thing possible to turn this around,and have more than enough proof to show it was a scam, however, your site is the only site available to help others become aware of these types of people. He has major alias names. He is doing business in multiple states stealing money every which way he can. He has deposited hundreds of thousands of dollars into bank accounts.. it is scary.. really scary..

  5. You can definitely see your expertise within the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  6. Ed Magedson says:

    We do not remove reports for a fee. You should read the full rules and information about the Arbitration program at A thorough reading would explain this and how the program really works. Thank you.

  7. The Sicilian says:

    Ed, Did you know about this website?! Is this true?! Look at all the sneaky, underhanded slimy things they do to block reports that are made to try to save other consumers from suffering the same ill-fate the reporting party has suffered.

    Sorry — we don’t allow advertisements for SEO companies here. — ED

  8. chris says:

    Ed M.
    Ill see you in hell
    Mother F–ker calling my house asking for $8000.00 to remove bad review? Ill enjoy your demise,ill shit on your rotting
    Carcus.People fu–ing hate you
    They have families to feed.

  9. Mike Smith says:

    That fact that ripoff report reviews each post for approval shows it is making it’s own determination of what they wish to post, not what the public wishes to post, this is censorship period.

  10. William Everett says:

    What a self serving [profanity redacted] Ed Magedson is – nice try but you wrote all your self serving reviews! I have heard that Google is considering delisting all IOC the ROR reports in 2015!! Insider info so S-Hhhhh 😉 The devil gets his due!!

  11. Anatole says:

    Hello Ed.
    While we appreciate the good work Rip off continue to do for many victims without a voice, It concerns us Rip off Report has allow itself to be con by a two time ex-convicted Career criminal and child molester, by permitting repetitive posting/spam to harassed innocent people, some senior citizens and victims of the con man.
    We are referring to the following report numbers: Report: #954332
    Report: #1074756
    Report: #995112
    Report: #1097397
    Report: #1026182
    Report: #1016291
    Why are you collaborating with a known criminal and help him victimized his victims all over again?
    Can you comment or verify this criminal’s statement that he did pay Rip off Report $2000.00 for unlimited posting of his frivolous spamming?

    What on earth are you talking about? – ED

  12. Dear Ed,
    I have read your blogs after I had found some very disturbing posts about me on ripoff report. It maybe that my case is unique, but in this case I believe, if you are a legitimate business owner, you might make exception to your non-removal policy.
    Of course, the allegations against me are totally bogus. For that, you have the arbitration process. However, my biggest problem is that the person(s) pretend to be former or current clients of mine.
    1) both people posting are one and the same. Paula Estess of Orlando, Fl, e-mail: [email protected] . This woman has NEVER been a client of mine, never owned a horse in her life.
    2) ms Estess is posting totally bogus and downright crazy claims pretending to be a (or in this case two) former client(a).
    3) a “rebuttal” was posted after the original “claim” – which is not a rebuttal at all, but some new, crazy allegation. This ” rebuttal” was posted in my name, but of course it was not me who posted it. However, it is not just a rebuttal, but it prevents me to set the record straight.

    Based on the above information, I believe the only reasonable and sensible thing for you to do is to remove the posts (after, of course, you checking out that the allegations and the “rebuttal” came from Ms Estess).
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Andras Szieberth

  13. Thank you so much for being an advocate for we often bullied consumers. I had 2 issues and the one has already been resolved to my satisfaction and more thanks to your Ripoff Report website.

    Thank You so much and keep up the battle.

  14. Hello, Ed,

    I’m in agreement with RR’s intent, but do wonder how obviously senseless, derogatory complaints aren’t in any way screened for veracity, or are they?

    I, and my company have suffered one of those complaints.

    Take a look at my website. I’m a consumer advocate and still I have to respond to such a groundless claim.

    Your thoughts?

    Keep up the good work!


  15. David Sobel says:

    The fact you publish reports written by absolutely anyone without verifying the validity of the report and whether or not the reporter is even telling the TRUTH means you are basically a gossip website promoting slander and lies. Hope you can afford all the lawsuits. Ever heard of Innocent until proven Guilty?, Ed??

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