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  1. Donna Owen


    I am.hoping this message gets to Ed Magedson. Ed, I spoke to you on June 5, 2018 regarding a bad dog breeder in Oregon, Donna Roberts. Many things have happened since then but I have filed a RIPOFF Report on 6/23/18. And I am sending you this email, per.your request once I filed. The Report #: 1448698. Titled: Donna Roberts, Dog Breeder, Oregon. And my.user name is Bijou.

    Send help. Lol
    Someone needs to let the dogs out.

    Oh and we are both named Donna
    Breeder: Donna Roberts
    Dog Owner: Donna Owen

    Let me know your take on this crazy situation. Its the poor girl from the westside taking on the bully on the hill. Only thing I got going for me is 30.years working investigations and compliance. I can read law, take.notes, a race car driver, but I cant stand anyone hurting my dog.or any dog…almost.

  2. Jennifer Johnston (480)729-2705

    I’ve visited your site many times…… And for the first time noitced the link at the bottom of the page about you (ED). Look, I can’t go into spectacular detail…. But I think you are my last hope. Please, I’m begging you to call me. I too, reside somewhere in az. And I think, no…. I know you will not forget me or my story to say the least. Corruption… Holy shit. Yeah, I’m a gigantic victim of that. Let’s just say, i can’t even go to the local police….. And I’ve tried numerous times. They just “seized” my dog on August 10th…. And I not only lost the last thing left I have in my life that gives me any glimmer of hope, she was pretty much the only thing in my life that kept my spirits up and made me want to fight for my (our) justice so I could keep my promise to her that we would one day be in a happy home and live a normal life, “I promise”. I called her and told her she was my angel. And she was. Her name was Lucy but went by Lu. It had nothing to do with Lucy lu. That is another story tho :\. Look, I dont know who I can trust. I’m scared. My brother is in prison doing 20 years for murder. I’m scared sending this. I have court in two days. Then court the following day. It’s not for anything crazy. I promise. Look, I think no matter what I do unless I get some one to legitimately HELP me, I’m gonna end up 1 of 3 ways: 1. In prison 2. In a mental facility 3. Homeless which in that case I’d kill myself so if I’m right, would let (I’m gonna refer to it as “the others”) win because ive opened my big god damn mouth enough and if I get the right person or people to help me, I’m positive 100% positive that it will be big. Maybe even bigger than I imagined it will be. Look, like I said, I’m pretty fuckin terrified. I have proof I can show you of what I am saying. Lots of it. But I’m using my phone, and I really cant elaborate on this thing. If I get arrested, im almost 100% sure this time will be a real doozy for me. As in maybe I will have been somewhere I really wasn’t, or have possession of something I had no idea I had in the first place. The PD I know, knows that at this point I know too much and have put too much together and have told people I can legitimately trust too many details. I’m pretty fuckin sure based on how my I’ll call it “bring in happy bunny to work day” goes every time I visit, that all is needed is timing, the right or let me rephrase that a good enough reason, and all “the others” ducks in a row. The last two times i went to pick up my property after being attested, they put things in my bag, THAT WEREN’T MINE!!!!. One was a microphone. The other was paperwork. Please. you ARE my last hope. I have a major cell phone company (well, provider) as well that is involved. Please. Please call me. It’s huuuuuge overseas internet that somehow stuff of mine ended up on the internet that I had no idea about. This user that submitted this shit or smut has 910 pages of it and each page has loads of content (links) all of different people so, I’m estimating tens of thousands…. WTF. I’ve made police reports that somehow disappeared and they have no record of it. Also, possibly a bank account in Scotland was opened in my name as well and oh, I forgot to mention, there is a life insurance policy on me (my dad had one too, and is now DEAD) and I think my egg donor or her other half doesn’t like my persistency in getting to the bottom of this shit. Oh, and neither does my uncle. Which by the way has retired over 10 years early and had purchased around 70 acres of land give or take a few years when my grandpa passed away on 2007. Probably expensive. Then he took a really really early retirement…. Hmmmm. Yeah. My grandma knows I’m not crazy, but they forced those ties to be be broken because she can vouch that things I’ve said aren’t “imaginary” or whatever. She told me and I quote her ” I’m afraid they will get power of attorney (my name) and I’ll be damned if I’m asking my own kids for an allowance of my own damn money” as well as (while me talking about my uncle) “If he wasn’t my son, I probably wouldn’t want anything to do with him” and my mother, “you two have never really had much of a relationship, usually mothers are close with their daughters and you two never were. (my mom) always favored your brother, and grandpa always scolded her for that” It goes all the way to my long been deceased grandfathers (2007) picture being on someone elses obituary in the az republic just within the last 60 days. And I still have the paper to prove it. Please. I know, this sounds crazy as all hell. But its not. It’s not. I promise. I think maybe the saying the third time’s a charm, is mocking me. Literally. I’ve been pregnant twice, second one with twins and had abortions both times. Something, I’m not proud if and dont ever talk about. I think my current boyfriend of almost 7 years, well, I’ll put it this way…. Im having a hard time believing anymore that he Would have ever actually pursued anything with me without a motif. (lucky me) He’s like a real life secret james bond-kinda. Oh, i forgot to mention too his father and brother are BOTH local business owners of different businesses, but genuis for covering things up if they were let’s say hitmen….. Including many other details all the way to connections they have from dry cleaning- by my bf sibling (for those messy days at work) to at least one city if not more PD (Mesa) having an account at their business……. I really hope to hear from you. I have court Wednesday. And Thursday. Oh, I don’t know shit about how beneficiary’s work on life ins policies, but my dad “killed” himself in August of 1996. My brother is in prison. I think, no. Now I’m sure this all was already supossed to happen but unbeknownst to me, I created an unexpected detour. From what little bit of info I have tried to get, i don’t know how long you have to claim that shit. And it never even crossed my mind and honestly dont care about it other than making sure I’m OK and that I can move on with my life, and be left and just be ultimitely ALONE. And I guess, let my grandpa stop rolling in his grave so to say-even if he is mad he knows I did my damnedest to do the right thing even if he didn’t like my Father and knowing I tried for as long as I was able to to make sure my grandma was OK. Always!, and let my dad know (king Kong aka my egg donor) didnt fuck him or his kids over even after he was dead even tho his partner in his company did collect that 1million life ins policy on him after he died (and I think they relocated his business to California)- I could only imagine what business could’ve been like after word got around……. I owe at the very least my brother that. I really hope I hear from you. My mom is psycho. She worked for the health department in Colorado where I was born and my dad died which is a closed records state in case you didn’t already know that…… Also, after continuously asking for it, I had to finally threaten my uncle whom then said he would call my mom and see what she thought (about me getting my dads ssn to check if i am a beneficiary) that i would call the FBI if they are refusing to give me his SSN since it was obvious the local police are having fun with me to try to check if I was a beneficiary. But, i never got to because my lovely boyfriend threw it away. And broke the phone I got the text from my mom on. I have pretty much lost all hope and have been trying to mentally prepare myself for doom. But if anything, these monsters need to be stopped. I’m not the only victim, and unfortunately i probably won’t be the last either. :/ if I don’t answer, its cuz my phone thing doesn’t pop up for me to answer. Leave me a number or I’ll try calling back the number on my call log. I disabled a ton of shit like everything by google and I reset my phone, but I don’t know if that fixd it cuz no one calls me. Kinda sad huh. Lol

  3. Bea Kolany

    On April 20 th 2017 Fl Attorney filled a lawsuit in Federal Court in WEB Fl against Ocwen

  4. Elijah ferdinard Gebor

    My name is Elijah Gebor,I’m writing in regard to the post on goggle,with my full name,and my phone number as well including my address,this report was false against me,i have ever documents to prove to you,the business as be close down,and my name is still on the internet,you can keep the business name on the internet and take my name of,this causing me a problem I can’t get a job because of this post.
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