Reputations are important, right? We all want to be understood for who we are, what we’ve done and how we conduct ourselves. Companies and corporations are no different. They work very hard to protect their image and their product’s images. And they get lots of help from people like those at Reputation(dot)com and other reputation management companies. So, that’s a good thing, right?

NO, it’s not.

Internet companies that promise reputation management do so by creating FALSE websites and FALSE search results to keep the general public from seeing what complaints exist about a company. They commit a fraud against you, the consumer, in favor of their clients who are paying them huge sums of money.

Why do they pay these HUGE sums of cash? Because it’s easier than SATISFYING their customers. It’s easier than DOING WHAT THEY PROMISED. It’s easier to LIE TO THE PUBLIC and get away with it.

It’s just a 21st Century form of CENSORSHIP.  But it’s not some government TRYING TO PROTECT its citizenship. It’s the COMPANIES THAT ARE TRYING TO SCREW YOU.

When people want to find out about a company or service THEY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT they use Google, Bing, Yahoo or any of a number of internet search engines. We all count on them to offer REAL information and REAL results. Not some fake pages put up by companies TRYING TO COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST CONSUMERS.

Imagine this scenario:

By now, you’ve probably all heard the accusations about Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach. He’s been charged with more than 40 counts of sex crimes against teen boys who participated in his training camps and other events. So, imagine if you had a teen athlete in your family and were looking for some private coaching to help him achieve his goals. What if you searched Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and found this:


Jerry Sandusky fake ad

Don’t let that be your search result!

THAT’S what REPUTATION MANAGEMENT COMPANIES want to illegally fill the web with: LIES.